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12 Inch GreenPan Venice Pro Nonstick Ceramic Everyday Pan

Healthy Non Stick Pans


Brand: GreenPan

Price:  $149.99

Best Place to Purchase:

Guarantee: 60-day return policy.

My Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10

Product Description

This is a 12in frying pan made of stainless steel with a nonstick ceramic inner core, stainless handles, and a tempered glass lid. Identified as a healthy, nontoxic, PFAS and PFOA free cooking pan.

Is it a Contender for Our Kitchen?

See a need, fill a need. A great motto in today’s modern kitchen. A major need that many of us have is to find cookware that is multifunctional. There are a lot of great options for stovetop cooking or oven bakeware but finding a valuable piece that can do both is quite difficult. Our main go-to product for this desire is typically cast iron products. However, I have recently run across this product and it definitely caught my attention.

For a versatile cookware product, I began by looking at what we all would need from it the most: health status, durability, heat endurance for all parts, maintenance required, and ease of use.

With its ceramic inner core and lack of PFAS and PFOA it stands out as a healthy nonstick cooking pan against its counterparts. If you have questions about clean healthy cookware check out: Best Cooking Pan Material: What the professionals know!

Durability can be a challenge when assessing. It’s noted that this specific pan uses Evershine technology to maintain resiliency and from my research, this appears to be valuable quality. Now, as I am always forthcoming, I do not specifically own this pan so I can’t say for certain it would hold up against my rigorous cooking. Prior to reviewing any product, I check with the masses online.

An overwhelming majority that I have found speak highly of the durability of the pan in the kitchen and of its performance. However, there are others that say the coating did not last, their pans stained, or it got chips on it being the primary concerns. Despite these problems, I always look at a product as a whole because every product ever made has had a bad batch or a fluke here and there and thus why they created a guarantee and return policies.

A major plus for this product is that it has the versatility with regular and induction stovetops as well as being oven and broiler safe up to 600F. Now be mindful that the lid is only oven safe to 420F so if I was going to cook with it in the oven I would round down to 375-400F for the lid. Which even outshines a cast iron pan as most of those don’t come with oven safe lids unless you are purchasing a French cast iron pan.

For maintenance with any cookware, the first thing on my mind is, “Is it dishwasher safe?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. This piece is recommended for only washing by hand. Likewise, you don’t want to use any abrasive pads on it. I would use dish sponges or cloths with soap and water. Like most cookware, it is important to let the pan cool somewhat prior to putting it directly into the sink for washing. It is made up of the same compounds with its ceramic inner finish as the other pans that you know I own; thus, I would bet the overall clean up and washing of this pan is very easy and quick. From the reviews of the masses, I see that the overall opinions agree with me on this.

With its nonstick ceramic appeal, the GreenPan Venice is quite an easy and proficient tool in the kitchen. Like most nonstick pans there is always the debate about to use oil or nonstick sprays or not and if using them will cause problems with the pans. In my humble opinion, I have a few of the GreenPan’s even though its not this specific one, and I still use oil or the sprays and it has yet to cause any problems and while yes the pan itself is nonstick they still assist with overall cooking ease. If you want to transition to a healthy homemade cooking oil spray try this: Tuscany Herb Infused Oil Recipe.

Additionally, as with all nonstick cookware, I would recommend silicone, rubber, or bamboo cooking utensils. Metal utensils always have the potential to damage pans even when they are scratch resistant like this one. While you are cooking a major benefit is have the stay-cool handles on the sides of the pan. Within all the research I did I found no concerns regarding problems with the handles which is incredibly promising to me. However, I would still advise caution when taking the pan out of the oven and recommend using oven mittens.

Chef Level

GreenPan Ceramics are wonderful and for every level of chefs. You don’t have to worry about extra work in the kitchen to clean up or prepping the pans because they will do the majority of the work for you. It is large enough for pasta, casseroles, and baking meat dishes. Transitions between the oven and the stove appear effortless, although do remember the oven mitts.

Tools & Training

There is no specific training needed for this pan. However, I would recommend a few important kitchen tools: a dishcloth or soft dish sponge, and rubber/ silicone/ or bamboo utensils. Oven mitts for self-preservation just in case when removing the pan from the oven when everything is at its hottest.


The support offered with the product is offered through World Market. They have a customer service number, email availability, and if a location is close enough you can even go in person to get assistance with any product. That is amazing support in my opinion. Plus of course the 60-day guarantee.

My Final Opinion of 12 Inch GreenPan Venice Pro Nonstick Ceramic Everyday Pan

I am a major fan of the GreenPans in general but I always take each pan into consideration on its own with what value it brings to the table. Like I mentioned earlier, its an examination of its health status, durability, heat endurance for all parts, maintenance required, and ease of use.

Currently, I don’t own this specific pan but I would be very open to buying one. It has everything you could possibly want for a versatile stove to oven piece of cookware. Seriously, high heat endurance, cool save handles, nonstick ceramic construction, and all in a 12in pan. If its as easy to clean as my GreenPan products then washing it by hand would be a breeze.

I understand that a fraction of people have had their problems with this pan or GreenPan in general but I genuinely don’t believe that a product exists where you won’t find that to be the case. I am proud to say that the majority love this pan as I believe I would if I get the opportunity to add it to my kitchen. I would love to try out my chicken parmesan in it. Plus, if you have any problems this product comes with a guarantee. Flukes happen, but quality always stands out and this pan screams quality. And quality, in my opinion, makes the price also worth the investment as it is a 2 in 1 pan that I can see myself using all the time in the kitchen.

I can see it and smell it now… Braised chicken and mushrooms, cheesy Italian meatballs, or Bourbon glazed pork tenderloin. This pan could be perfect for those recipes!

12 Inch GreenPan Venice Pro Nonstick Ceramic Everyday Pan at a Glance…

Price: $149.99
Best Place to Purchase:
My Overall Rank: 9.5
Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 10


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the 12 Inch GreenPan Venice Pro Nonstick Ceramic Everyday Pan or want to leave your own personal review or interest, leave a comment below.

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  1. Durability is one of the main reasons for me in selecting a product. I love that it can stay with me for a long time. What I want to share with you is the importance of heat endurance. One time I had to help my friend cook dinner for her guests. I was embarrassed when I burnt the sauce. But then I realized that my cooking method was compromised because of her thin pan. We just laughed about it. I told her that she should start investing on good pans and pots because her food will just gonna go to waste.

    This product is another must have from Green Pans. If you really think about it, the Venice Pro is a winner because it can cater both your cooking and baking needs. I’m sure moms would love to try it.

    1. I completely agree with you! Nice thick pans are a must in the kitchen for best results especially as you put it for moms, for cooking, and for baking 🙂 All around pan for everyday use!

  2. For someone who couldn’t cook an egg, reading this post about cooking amuses me to the point that I have to open myself to the world of pans. 

    I didn’t know different pans exist because in my eyes they’re all… er, pans. But in your post, you extensively wrote the complete details about this and it’s quite amusing to me. It’s really great. 

  3. I am in the market for a pan this size, and really like the look of this one.  Usually I cook in a cast iron skillet, but sometimes it would be nice to have another non-stick utensil available.  For the price and for what you get, it does not seem out of line.

    I like that you can bake in it, too.  That is very helpful.  As far as being dishwasher safe, I never place my cast iron pieces in the dishwasher either.  Since I’m used to hand-washing skillets, that is not a problem.  I think the ceramic interior finish is also a definite plus.

    Would you please invite me over when you cook the chicken parmesan?  Or, at least, send me your recipe.  I’ll see how the money goes at the end of the month.  I might be back to order.

    1. I would be most pleased to post up my chicken parmesan recipe for you 🙂 I have to say, I find it quite yummy! And with this pan, it would come with the distinct advantage of transitioning the pan from stovetop to oven for the chicken. Please come back anytime, you are always welcome here! I am happy to help in any way I can. 

  4. I think you did a great job with this post, as usual!

    I am looking for this kind of pan to use in the oven and I am glad to see that you said that this one could be used safely. But not over 420°, right? And I think the price is good, keeping in mind that this pan can be used in the oven and over the stove.

    It a good product and will fit my current needs.


    1. Yes, it can be used safely up to 420F; however, I always go down a little for general precautions with any cookware thus I would go with 400F. I want you to be safe first and foremost and every oven cooks and heats differently so I allow for that differentiation. I hope that as you look around that you find this pan meets your needs and joins your household! Happy cooking 🙂

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