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GreenPan Chatham 4 Piece Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan Set

Healthy Chatham GreenPan Nonstick Pan
Healthy Nonstick Cookware


Best Place to Purchase:

Price: $49.99

Brand: Chatham GreenPan

Guarantee: 60-day return policy.

My Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10

Product Description

This is an 11in fry pan made of a hard-anodized aluminum core and a ceramic inner coating. It comes with a glass lid, an additional bamboo turner utensil and a healthy cooking booklet full of recipes and pictures. This pan comes in additional sizes and styles that are available.

Is it a contender for our kitchen?

I happen to be a big fan of this brand and specifically this pan. I enjoy 2 of them at home myself, both the 11in and the 8in pans. As you may be aware I am pro healthy cookware via my prior blogs. This cookware is wonderful and qualifies on the healthy non-toxic and nonstick spectrums. If you are unfamiliar as to what qualifies to check out: Non-Stick Cookware: Do’s, Dont’s, and What it all Means.

I have found that these pans live up to their nonstick promise. Like all pans, you want to use some oil in the pans with your food but it easily allows everything to be cooked and cleaned even easier. I have never been so impressed with the ease of use with one pan. I can cook ground beef or fry an egg and then take the pan to the sink with a drop of soap and have the pan clean in less than a min or two. Its as if I didn’t cook anything on it at all.

The pans have never broken down in the 3 years that I have owned them thus far. I have moved around several times and managed to use the pans on both a regular and induction cooktops to which they did marvelously. I use a variety of cooking utensils and have yet scratched the great ceramic coating. Already want your Chatham GreenPan?

As always, I am one who does my research for you whenever looking into a product. Granted I believe in this one for I do have a distinct advantage owning it myself. Overall the majority of people tend to agree with me on the overall amazing quality of the pans. However, some do report that the handle or the lid gets overheated, it lost its nonstick coating, or say it’s impossible to keep clean. Now, I am not saying that these handfuls of individuals did not have problems with their specific products. Although I will say this, we have all had a faulty fluke product at one time or another and that is what a guarantee is for to replace it.

In 3 years my nonstick surface has never faded or cracked. Of course, the glass lid is hot, do you have any lids to any of your pans or pots that do not get hot? The handle is a safe hot handle meaning it should not get hot to the touch unless your pan is incorrectly over the burner to which any pans handle would do the same thing under the same condition. I know I have done it by accident not paying attention for and regretted it but it’s certainly not the pans fault.

Chef Level

The beauty of these pans is that they are for every level of chefs. You don’t have to worry about extra work in the kitchen to clean up or prepping the pans because they will do the majority of the work for you. They cook the food evenly with heat distribution and the food should not stick to the bottom of the pans but make sure to still use a nonstick spray or oil. Great for sauces, saute’s, meats, browning meats, and a go-to pan for your everyday cooking needs and solutions.


The support offered with the product is offered through World Market. They have a customer service number, email availability, and if a location is close enough you can even go in person to get assistance with any product. That is amazing support in my opinion. Plus of course the 60-day guarantee.

My Final Opinion of GreenPan Chatham 4 Piece Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan Set

For a healthy ceramic nonstick nontoxic pan, this one has my vote. It is stylish and simple to use for chefs of every level. Especially if you are new in the kitchen or looking to start replacing some older cookware this is the perfect pan to start with. Of all the years I have had these pans I have honestly not found fault in them. They are lightweight and very easy to use.

GreenPan Chatham 4 Piece Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan Set at a Glance…

Price: $49.99

Best Place to Purchase:

My Overall Rank: 9.5

Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 10


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the GreenPan Chatham 4 Piece Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan Set or want to leave your own personal review or interest, leave a comment below.

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  1. I think the Chatham nonstick frying pan is going to work so much better than the standard frying pan that I have already

    I have 4 sons that love a bacon sarnie every morning before school and the pan I am using now tends to grip onto the bacon for dear life, lol

    When I first bought it I could fry anything I wanted to without it sticking but it has been used quite a bit now so it’s time for a new one

    Whats the maximum size that you can get these Greenpan Chatham nonstick frying pans in?

    1. This pan will treat you and your family very well. This specific one comes in a 12in size at its largest  selection. Happy cooking!

  2. Your review of the GreenPan Chatham 4 Piece non-stick ceramic frying pan set comes at a great time for me. I recently moved and the movers lost a box of kitchen items including my frying pans. In looking for pans to replace the lost ones I have looked at Amazon and Ebay, etc. I looked at the pan, turner, lid, etc. that you describe here and was very impressed with the description, especially the health benefits.

    You have convinced me that I should seriously consider buying this product and begin cooking with it immediately. I appreciate how the ad comports with your statement of what a good product this is.

    Thank you for introducing this to me.

    God bless you!.

  3. HI Charity

    You can never go wrong if you have a good set of frying pans, as they are do often used in the kitchen from frying nests, vegetables, making omelettes . I am nearly using a frying pan everyday and always use a non stick frying pan, but after a while the coating seems to wear down and the food sticks. The frying pans you review seem to be of good quality, and sturdy, which can take a lot of wear, bumps and scrapes. I always say you can the quality of a frying pan by the way it fruits and handle eggs. You have pique my  interest and I may need to invest in a new pan set in the near future.

    Thank you


  4. Nice review. I am thinking of buying a non-stick ceramic frying pan but I just don’t know what’s a good brand. Will definitely consider this one. I used to have a stainless steel pan that can can also be used for baking. Do you happen to know a nonstick brand that can also be used for stove baking? 

    1. Actually yes I do. It is the Venice Pro Nonstick Ceramic Pan. I will have a review of it up today for you to help out in comparing its overall usability and strengths for your needs. Happy cooking and feel free to reach out for further questions.

  5. It’s always convenient for me to use non stick pans because it definitely makes my cooking a way lot easier. Basically, my problem with regular pans would be the heating process. I have to regulate it and pray that my food wouldn’t stick so bad that I had to scratch it hard with a turner. I really hate it sometimes when I just had to cook eggs and it’ll just end up like it was abused!

    My non stick pans, usually last for 2 years. Within 8 months, the non stick covering has disappeared by then. it still serves it purpose but not the way when it was new. I’d really like to try out your recommendation ’cause  I want to change some bad situations in the kitchen!

    1. I believe you have found a good pan to help you out in the kitchen and replace some of the bad with ease and even save some of your precious time along the way. Looking forward to hearing how you like it 🙂 Happy cooking!

  6. No matter how tough or durable these pans are, they still need care when handling. When washing, make sure you “hand wash” them. Don’t scrub with a steel wool scrub. When cooking and serving food, use plastic or wood utensils. And when heating, don’t go higher than medium heat. But don’t worry, these are just precautions, they are still of better quality than those “China made” pans that litter the market.

  7. I love ceramic pans, they are so easy to cook with and clean. I agree entirely with you on this.

    I don’t use any oil with them and they are still non stick and very healthy for food cooking if you don’t want to use oil.

    This set, the Catham 4 piece looks like it is very good value for money  and with the guarantee should last for a lifetime of cooking up great meals.

    1. Thrilled you love your pans!! I know I sure do. Once you go ceramic and green you can’t go back 🙂 Happy cooking!

  8. Making this again tonight – it is delicious! Even the picky kids likes it! And I love how quick and easy it is – with things I have on hand! Thanks for a great, easy recipe!

    1. Thrilled to hear you liked the recipe and happy to help out with more anytime you need one. Posting one today for some delicious brownies. Happy cooking!

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