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Home Kitchen Tools: Its Time For An Upgrade

The kitchen can be a sanctuary, an exciting adventure of exploration, or a chore. One major problem with many kitchens is outdated products in them. Are your pots and pans old and worn out to the point you don’t even want to make eggs in the morning? When is the last time you looked down the kitchen isle for new potholders or mittens so your hands are not getting burnt every time you dare turn on the oven? Is every utensil cracked, broken, chipped, or scrapping the cookware?

There is a simple solution to the problem and it starts like this. Hello, my name is _____, and its time for a kitchen upgrade. I desire above all else in this site to help bring back passion into your love for cooking your grandmothers recipes or having homecooked meals once a week for the family. However, having the right tools in the kitchen is a must to help you feel inspired and jumping in the kitchen versus a twinkle that is squinched by exhausted tools.

Wherever there is a problem there is always a solution. Together we can identify the places in the kitchen that may need an upgrade and then its up to you on when to start to replace these items either all in one swoop or piece by piece. I know we all wish that when we first bought our brand new kitchen tools, appliances, cookware that they would all last forever, but sadly it’s just not a wish that can come true.

I know when I had to face that my cooking was suffering, I was gaining more weight eating out all the time, and I was spending less time with my family engaged around a meal at home due to needing new cookware and tools in the kitchen was a challenging self-revelation.

kitchen upgrade

The Signs and Symptoms

Everything in the kitchen including what you cook and prepare food with has an expiration date, signs that they are going bad. Spatulas are in multitude in most kitchens and the most frequent problem is when they are kept despite when they begin to melt or scratch at the cookware as this is when the chemical makeup begins to break down.

Wooden spoons are a fan favorite of mine, some I cook with, and others I use for salads and serving. Like all wood over time, they observe moisture causing them to crack, discolor, break, and eventually fester bacteria thus the importance of replacement them prior to it getting that far. As a tip, never leave the wooden spoons in the sink or sitting water because this will accelerate this process and cause soft wet spots to appear on the spoons in a shorter lifetime of the spoon and once they appear you need to immediately throw out the spoon.

While cooking many of us use spices; however, when was the last time that you looked at the expiration date of the spices on the rack? They do not last forever and just like you don’t want expired foods going into your body, you don’t want bad spices either.

Knives serve a grand purpose as they cut, slice, dice, smash or mince their ways into our hearts when at their best. Over time knives can chip, become dull beyond repair, rust, and if they are stamped knives can become loose and break from the grip.

There are so many options available now for cleaning our cookware and many people still use sponges. I believe that back in college the sinks full of dirty dishes and sponges had to be one of the most traumatic and disgusting sites of my life. Sponges can be a zest pool of bacteria. First of all the sponges are cleaning off half-eaten food, soaking and messing with filthy water, and despite popular belief, they are not self-cleaning. Whoever came up with the disposable heads sponges has to be a millionaire and my hero. The signs of bad sponges are the nasty smells, discoloration, stuck on food, standing water because someone in your home forgot to ring it out, and if you look close enough I am sure you can watch the bacteria grow by the second.

Do you feel the burn? Oven mitts are a necessity for baking as well as moving some pots off the stove to the table etc. They naturally wear down over time and become thin. Especially when you wash them regularly which you should do as they come in contact with food periodically or something spills on them. They are not immune to stains or bacteria. The thinner they become the more likely the next time you reach in for the muffin pan the rack is going to burn through the mitt and burn you.

We have talked several times about healthy nonstick cookware but if I was going to place a bet, the majority of people still have a few of the nonhealthy tfal or other nonstick cookware around in the kitchen. Either way, time is detrimental to cookware overall and eventually most (not all) nonstick cookware becomes NO STICK cookware. This process is sped up if there has not been proper care of the cookware over time. They can also rust, chip, and scratch all of which tells you that this pot, pan, or skillet needs to be cast aside for a newer model.

Cookware in general for the pots, pans, and skillets have a few other tell signs as well. One common overlooked sign is the thinning of the cookware itself. The thinner a pan becomes the less cushion so to say there is between the food and the heat which destroys what you are trying to cook. Much like the problem when the burner (convection or induction) has burnt the bottom of the pan so badly it’s not allowing the food to be cooked properly. They can also be warped, the core could be showing, and may have loose, broken or melted handles.

Cutting boards now come in so many varieties including wood, marble, plastic, and bamboo to name a few. No matter the type all the boards are meant for the same purpose which is for you to use your brand new, nondamaged knives to cut into them. And in doing so this is going to cause grooves to appear on boards that are expected. However, these boards handle raw meat, vegetables, and anything else you are wanting to slice up in the kitchen. While yes, you can wash them with some soap and hot water to help preserve them there is still going to be bacteria growth overtimes with continued grooves and more exposure. As the grooves go deeper the harder they are to clean.

Glass bakeware is one set of items people don’t often discuss replacing because it can typically last a long time with good care practices. However, glass can chip, break, have oil or nonstick cooking spray stains, or stuck on food that won’t come off. All signs they need to be replaced.

Bakeware such as bake sheets or any types of muffin pans has 2 primary issues. They rust and warp. Every get a fresh set of cookies out of the oven and the base sheet pop loudly as it cools? That is a sure fire tell sign that it has warped and needs to be replaced. Likewise once there is rust there is no real good way to remove it or prevent it from getting on your food one day when your busy and not paying attention.

kitchen upgrade

The Average Time Table

When evaluating an expiration date some times it can last longer than others. Likewise, some pieces in the kitchen can have longer longevity with good care practices.

Nonstick Cookware2-4 years
Cutting Boards1 year
Knives1-3 years based on the quality of the knives
Baking Sheets1-2 years
Wooden Spoons3-4 years; sooner if soft wet spots begin to appear
Oven Mitts2-3 years
Spatulas2 years
Cleaning Spongesevery 2-5 days of active use
Muffin Pans1-2 years
Glass Bakeware3-5 years; depending on care practices
Spice Rack6mts - 2yrs

kitchen upgrade

Health & Cooking Hazards

Personally, I am very health minded in the kitchen especially centered around the themes of health and cooking hazards as you all well know. Expired tools in the kitchen, in my opinion, is one of the leading causes of these health hazards. When the materials of your tools and cookware breakdown chemically, start to chip, cracks or melt all of these particles are ending up in your food and thus your body.

Additional hazards like bacterial growth is a problem like with the wet spots on wooden spoons. If you continue to use kitchen tools past a certain point it is like eating fruit with mold on it.

Rust is another big problem with many tools in the kitchen such as knives and bakeware. Rust can be very damaging to the body if you are routinely cutting through a fresh steak with a rusted knife.

Let’s not forget about the hazards with some cookware poses naturally.

kitchen upgrade

Honesty In The Kitchen

A lot of time and effort goes into what you make in the kitchen and you deserve quality tools to get the job done. Part of that means replacing some worn out products. The other vital piece is taking care of ones in good condition currently or new purchases. Cookware, in general, can sometimes last 5-10 years if you take care of it properly. I know for many that is easier said than done as we are busy people with hectic lives but its a goal to strive toward.

In an effort to assist with that goal I buy high-quality tools myself. These are products that I have also started doing product reviews on for you and will continue to do so to help weed out lesser products. I have found with higher elite tools I spend less time on clean up and maintenance with my kitchenware and more time enjoying the kitchen. Likewise, I spend a bit more on the front side but I also do not have to replace everything in 1-2 years, for me its at least double or more.

We have to figure out what works best for each of us.

kitchen upgrade

Making the Most Come Out of the Kitchen

I recognize that strolling up and down the kitchen isles may not give everyone the same thrills that it gives me as I fantasize about having an unlimited amount of money to purchase two of everything, one for use and one backup. Many times when we all started our kitchen collections we were young adults starting out in the world. How many times since then have you indulged and replaced your cookware or bought a new knife set?

To me, it feels like a lot of us hold onto our kitchen tools way longer than we should because in our lives there is almost always something that seems more important to spend our money on. And that may be true. At the same time, I urge you to take the health of you and your family into consideration as I remind you that you are important. That does not mean spending thousands of dollars today but perhaps making a game plan to upgrade the kitchen over time or take care of those most used tools in the kitchen then deal with the rest.

Really the upgrade process is up to you! Together we will make the most out of the kitchen and reignite the passion for cooking with one delicious recipe at a time.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions or concerns on your own kitchenware that may need replacing or want to leave your own personal review or story, leave a comment below.

kitchen upgrade

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  1. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this lately, until now it never occurred to me that expired kitchen tools can affect your health in so many negative ways. I’ve always known about the cookware breaking down, especially with non-stick pans and the black bits that come off.

    But I never thought about the bacterial growth on wooden spoons. There must be so many tiny little crevasses that food can get stuck in through the years of cooking. It’s so gross to think about how food from a year ago could still be stuck in the wooden spoon, bowl, cup, etc. Maybe it’s time to get some new equipment.

  2. This was a very timely and interesting read on the home kitchen tools that we all use in our homes and tend to forget about over and above having them available for our next culinary delight we may be whipping up. This post took me back to my days of ‘back of the house’ work as a chef so many years ago as I was reading through this…

    Many of the habits and procedures I learned have stuck with me over that last 40 years since my cheffing days in the kitchen, but I see every day many people that do not have the background to know what they are doing, and you are right, it can be atrocious (and dangerous.

    Tools do wear out with use, and when they are not properly cleaned and stored, this can happen sooner rather than later. Not only that, they can actually make people sick if they are not sanitized or other kitchen safety and food storage, handling, and preparation procedures are not followed…

    When I go to a kitchen, one of the first areas I will notice (I can’t help myself) is the kitchen sinks. The cleaning materials (i.e. sponges), the condition of the sink (clean?), and if there are dishes, pots, pans, and utensils stored or drying, how are they stored (away from any other cleaning materials or food preparation)…

    Then the condition of the utensils and equipment comes under the eyes, unwillingly but from habit. Are they clean serviceable and used properly when preparing/used for cooking by the ‘chef’? In many cases, they are not, then you have to determine how much risk are you taking eating whatever ‘delicacy’ they may be whipping up… 

    It all starts with some of the basics that you have covered well in this article, and it is something that anyone having a household where the kitchen is used for cooking or preparation can check and fix. The utensils and cookware are starting points, but important ones in my opinion…Valuable post… 

  3. I love this post, it is as if you came into my kitchen and had a look around when I wasn’t watching. I have known for a while that I needed to replace my worn out, um everything but I haven’t done it yet. I have dreamed of the kitchen I will one day have with all the latest cookware, utensils and dinnerware including those cute trivets to set your hot pans on. I now think I will just get a few things at a time and not wait for that time in the future when I will have loads of money. Thanks, for helping me with that decision. the health risks are what pushed it over the edge for me.

  4. Hi there

    The article was really wonderful. Really cooking is not easy to operate. One major problem with many kitchens is outdated products in them. Actually, we need to be very careful about this issue. Many of us do not cook healthy. Many people keep disguised objects near the kitchen, which creates a really bad environment. Such topics will help me in many ways by really getting your articles.

    Thank you for your great post.

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