Baked Asparagus Recipe: [Rosemary Feta Delish]

Yields: 2 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 5 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 25 Mins

When it comes to any side dish the best combinations have a balance of complimenting flavors. This is one of my favorites for asparagus. Additionally, it is baked which allows for there to be no excess oil or fat.

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  • Wash and pat dry the asparagus. I always cut off about a quarter inch of the bottom stem which helps with freshness and in my opinion sanitation from being store bought. Lay out across the baking sheet covered with foil and sprayed with the nonstick cooking spray or oil.
  • Sprinkle on the feta cheese as much as you like across the asparagus. Wash and dry the komodo tomatoes. Slice in half and sprinkle across the top. I use about a handful or average 8-10 tomatoes.
  • Drizzle the cherry balsamic rosemary vinaigrette up and down over the top of the mixture. Make sure not to pour too much or it will make the asparagus soggy. You want to drizzle for flavor/seasoning.
  • Place in preheated oven at 375F for about 20 min uncovered. Serve up and enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you have any questions about the recipe or want to leave your own personal review or tweaks please leave a comment below.

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