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Understanding Wines: [What your wine personality says about you!]

I consider myself a wine enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for wines from all over the world. Reds, whites, blends, and specialty wines. I love the deep and bold, the sparkling and spunky, the gentle and caressing, and even have a taste for those of unique origin.

Now, unfortunately, I am a woman of moderate means so I don’t have a glorious wine cellar to tell you about. However, on average I own about 75-100 bottles give or take at any one point and only about 25 of those do I rotate for indulgement purposes. The rest I have had a bottle of at some point and bought a spare or 2 to save for a special time in the future. After all, wine only gets better with age! If I fell in love with it 3,5 or even 10 years ago then I can only imagine how splendid it will be in another 10 or more.

Many people believe that wine is an acquired taste. I suppose that is true for some. I grew up on wine being Greek so I have always had a deep love and appreciation for it. I can’t imagine there not being a single wine variety out there that could not meet 99% of individuals liking.

Then one day I started to think about all the people I know who love wine. That person a few tables over who ordered a glass but has only sipped at it through her meal. Those who have several bottles available in a big group but I notice all the titles are of the same branding. Or the gentleman I see at the grocery store each week who always picks out the same California dry white. I began to wonder, “What do our choices in wine say about our unique personalities?”

I went out in search of the answer and learned quite a lot about all of us who enjoy the love of a great bottle of wine.

understanding wine

The Basics: Red vs White

Red wine fan? On average as a group of people red wine lovers tend to be more introverted, dog lovers, prefer going to bed earlier at night, enjoy soothing light music such as jazz, and often have traits of humility, organization, and even desires of an adventurous lifestyle.

In quite the contrary those that favor white wines are at baseline most opposite. They tend to be late night owls, extroverted personalities, cat lovers, listen to music with high rhythm and beats, and favor traits of curiosity, sarcasm, and perfectionistic tendencies.

Many studies have utilized the Meyer Briggs personality test and the Merril Reid personality test to help identify the commonalities between personality and wine. There was even a 2000 participant study done by the French who reviewed personalities and palates with wines.

Understanding Wine

For The Love of Red

To use the term red wine is a vast understatement. Over the years research has actually broken down some personality traits connected to certain types of specific red wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon is often thought of as “King of the Red,” and rightfully so as almost every nation around the world has its own unique diverse Cabernet. Overall it tends to be a touch more dry and richer than the other reds. Those that enjoy it with me are typically strong in their opinions and even considered to be stubborn while others see you as strong and dependable. You have much to be proud of as you are a self-made success. Quite like the Cabernet in my view.

A Merlot is like that delicate piece of chocolate you know is waiting on your pillow at a good 4-star hotel. You want it and if you enjoy it then you just can’t live without it in your life. Why be part of confrontations when you have wine mentality. A Merlot personality is content with wherever they are in the moment and they are not ones to overindulge. You are adaptable, go with the flow individual but you have a strong sense of self.

If you are intense and passionate then you most likely relate to the Malbec. You are a deep soul that is complex, emotional, and genuine. Some may even say mysterious. Often how many view the Malbec collections as they are dark and powerful and once you fall in love with them, they win you over forever.

Pinot Noir is 2 steps down from the Malbec on the red wine tree and a great starting point for red wine beginners. It is actually one of the hardest of grapes to harvest due to the thick skin of the grapes. Thus the traits matching this delicious match would be those with strong opinions, very independent, not easily swayed by others.

wine love

Light of White

Champagne is one of the most commonly purchased in the white wine family and known for its pop, fizz, bubbly goodness. Mostly this is overall considered a higher class of wine choice as those that drink it are most known for enjoying the finer things in life. Perhaps a stereotype from everyday movies and sitcoms or possibly some truth to the personality type, as this is not one of my personal favorites I wouldn’t be able to shed any light on it although I have enjoyed it on a few special occasions. If you love Champagne one trait stands true, you love to celebrate!

Class, elegant, and beloved by many is the signature of a Pinot Noir. You tend to have success in your life, make good decisions, but you also know how to have fun.

Now Chardonnay is a white I can sit with on a hot summer day and forget all my troubles. It is the Queen of White. Subtle yet contrasting, perfected with age. It goes well with most anything you want to pair it with and in my opinion, it has a sophistication to it. Probably reflecting your own personality, an old soul that blends well with those around you and ooze confidence.

A Sauvignon Blanc is a leader like you among the white wines. You both can command attention but you do so with friendly and sexy confidence.

I think of the Pinot Grigio as the Casanova of white wines. It tends to be a romantic charmer full of adventure and spontaneity. Sound like you? Be careful though because a Casanova has a good habit of getting into trouble from time to time.

wine deciliciousness

Special Variety

A great bottle of a White or Red Zinfandel can be quite the treat and most often considered to be of the blush variety. These are normally a touch bubbly with a gentle sweetness. Its found that these individuals are easy going, open minded, and generally easy to engage.

To taste the Syrah wines is to enjoy deep powerful fruit flavors very rich and full of health benefits alike. Complimentary to you there is a tendency to have much empathy for others.

I classify a Riesling as a specialty wine because every bottle differs greatly in sweetness, dryness, and some I have tried has even been slightly carbonated. However, it is rarely bitter. Most people who are fans of a Riesling transition from the Zinfandel family and tend to want a wine to fit most any meal at a restaurant. By that means you tend to be more subtle and reserved in your personality but just like the Riesling you are attracted and pair well with some spice in your life.

A rose for you, my dear. The Rose wines are delicate, sweet with a small tart, and a perfect crowd pleaser. Often reflects the charm of a woman via her enticement, sarcasm, and ability to engage and adapt to any environment.

Bubbly, sweet, and love everything Italian? Then you are probably infatuated with the Moscato family wines which come in white and rose. You are most likely in love with life, art, culture, and food.

Tempranillo is a full-bodied red wine that comes from the black grapes of Spain. These specific grapes are considered to be noble in Spain. If you have never tried this wine, I highly recommend it! It favors the realist who works for what he/she has, gets what is wanted, and knows how to get it.


Left behind

There are always those “wines” and yes consider them air quotes such as cheap champagne, boxed wines, and the $5 gas station specials that are not the most reputable wines available.

Wine has been around since early civilizations and texts dating back as far as our records really go. Like everything else in this world of the value, we find a way to lessen the quality of a product. I am not by any means shunning you if you happen to like the left behind wine series but I do want to encourage you to not be intimidated by the vast or bold choices that are out there. Wine can be an exciting exploration and based on your tastes you may find something quite extraordinary.

understanding wine

Wine Lovers

Did you know that we wine enthusiasts tend to on average drink about 3 bottles a month of wine? I know that when I open a bottle it never goes to waste, how dare I? Then again, that may also pose as excellent reasoning for opening another bottle!

As I personally favor 90% of the wines listed, I am not sure what that quite means for my personality as I chuckle out loud. But there are a few things I do know. First, we are wine lovers of all colors, boldness, sweet or dry, and that makes each of us unique. If there were only one wine or only me without all of you, life would be exceptionally boring.

So I urge you to branch out and try something new. If you need a recommendation I am always available. Just don’t be surprised when I ask you to tell me a little about yourself 🙂

Feel free to leave some comments and tell me about your favorite wines and how they may or may not reflect your own personality or those around you.

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  1. Most of the time, I drink beer, rum, brandy or whiskey. I seldom drink wine, but because of your blog post about wines, I might be a wine drinker now. It is more classy, you know. Something only fine people drink.

    Compared to beer or whiskey, what do you think is the average alcohol percentage of wines like red wine or white wine? Will I still get drunk or sober out of drinking either of the two wines?

    1. I guarantee that if you want to get drunk with wine you can lol. In fact, there is more alcohol by volume and especially with red wines going slower through your liver the majority of people get to the “feel no pain” part of enjoyment quickly. Now as with all things the more you drink the more you will develop a tolerance for it. However, if your goal is to stay sober that is just as easily accomplished by sipping not gulping and enjoy your glass with food.

  2. I never thought the preference colour of wine would indicate so much about someone’s personality.  Sometimes I like to have red wine and sometimes white.  I must be a personality somewhere between the white and the red wine.  There are so many categories of each type of wine to further distinguish one personality from the other.  You must need a very refined tongue to notice the differences between one and the other.  I’m not sure I could do so easily, but I will take my hat off to those who can.

    1. I would consider you like myself in that regard with many tastes and probably a very eclectic personality range. Sound fairly adequate?

  3. As a wine lover myself, I love this post. I had never thought of matching personalities to wine, so find this absolutely fascinating. My personal favorite wine is Sauvignon Blanc and therefore like your association with the personality. White wine is always my first choice but regard myself as an introvert. On the other hand, my husband is a complete extrovert and is a Cabernet Sauvignon drinker, although he will often choose Merlot or Syrah as well. 

    Personally, I prefer Prosecco to Champagne for a celebration. I can’t remember ever trying a Tempranillo, so I will have to do so when I next have the opportunity to buy Spanish wine or visiting Spain. Very accurate and telling!

  4. Can’t say that I know much about wines, I don’t indulge. I’m curious about something that you said and I’ve heard many times. What makes wine better the more they age? 

    As for personalities based on the wine they drink; are there exceptions to the rule? And have you found it to be true as described by the researchers? I ask because I find it difficult to accept that of the billions of people on the planet, they can be divided into personality types based on the type of wine they drink. 

    I’d really like to hear what your experience has been.

    1. Wine gets better with age just like gouda, cheddar, fermented foods, marinades, syrups, and even infused liquors. The time allows them to develop better and come into their full flavor. 

      No individual has only one side to their personality. We are all unique and complex individuals. Like myself, I love most of the wines on the list making me quite a constellation of characteristics and traits. The same is true of most people. Those that love wine may enjoy one type, let’s say Merlot. Merlots have 100’s of varieties and that’s not including all the blended reds out there. 

      Thus while yes, this individual may share some personality traits attributed to the Merlot family they are certainly not defined solely by it. No different than sharing personality or character traits of being in a large family or the only child, having our parents being divorced, witnessing a violent crime, or the birth of a child. Some of these traits are shared among a majority of people and thus seen as a commonality in our emotions, behavior, and approaches to life. However, we are all our own person as is each bottle we open.

  5. Charity,
    That simply has to be the most amazing blog I’ve ever read!!! The pics engaged me and your article intrigued me from the first sentence to the last sentence.

    I have many friends who drink wine and someway or another you accurately described each one precisely. Kudos. I myself love the Moscato wine family the most.

    I too have found over the years that nothing completes a wonderful dinner than a fine aged glass of vintage wine!! Thanks again for sharing with us all your amazing blog on festival wines.

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